Feb 19, 2011

Tapioca Fruit Salad

The other day I was in charge of bringing a Frog Eye salad to a Scout Banquet. I started cooking the Acini De Pepi noodles and they weren't looking right. It was as if there was a thickening agent in them. I discovered that they were actually Tapioca pudding. So, I improvised and made this. It turned out fabulous, if I don't say so myself. I will post Frog Eye Salad at a later date. This is very similar to that recipe.

In a pot on the stove add:
2 1/2 C. water
1 C. Tapioca pudding
Cook for about 15 minutes on a soft boil. Stir every few minutes.

Turn to a low heat and whisk in:
1 C. milk
1/2 C. sugar
1 egg
1/2 C. pineapple juice, from canned pineapple
Dash of salt.
Cook for 10 more minutes, or until pudding is thick.  

Take off heat and pour into large bowl and cool for 10 minutes.
Then add:
2 C. cool whip
1 can pineapple tidbits
1 can mandarin oranges
1 C. mini marshmallows
1/2 maraschino cherries
1 can fruit cocktail

Stir well.
Set up in fridge. Serve cold.

Recipe by: Becky

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