Feb 19, 2011

Cake Balls

My version of Cake balls. You can put them on a stick and call them Cake Pops.

Bake a cake by following the instructions on the back.

Dump in a large bowl

Add 1 C. frosting

Mix with hands until it is a play dough consistency

Form into balls and put on a cookie sheet

Melt 2 C. chocolate chips (You can use white, milk, semisweet, butterscotch, etc.) in the microwave until it is a runny consistency.

Add about 1 Tbsp. shortening to the chocolate chips and continue stirring. I didn't do this step and I think they would have been a lot prettier if I would have.

Roll balls in chocolate with a spoon and place on greased cookie sheet.

When they are still wet, sprinkle with what ever sprinkles you have.

Let set.


Recipe by: Becky

For a more professional looking cake ball, check them out over at Little Miss Momma.

1 comment:

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

Your look super yummy! I love the sprinkles, Mmmm!

thanks for linking to LMM!


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