Aug 14, 2014


 My Mom taught me how to cut and eat a Grapefruit and I am now teaching my kids.  We ate them a lot growing up. 
They are so good for you and have a lot of Vitamin C in them. I got these 3 for a $1 at my local grocery store. 
They make a great breakfast!
So, most of you know how to cut and eat a Grapefruit. But for those of you who don't....

Cut in half

Place in bowl

Cut around the outside of the fruit

Cut out each section, on both sides

Sprinkle with sugar

Eat with a spoon

When you have eaten all the fruit out of the rind, squeeze the juice into a bowl. 

Drink up, it's delicious!

Instructions by: Becky, with the help of son B.

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