Aug 28, 2014

Oriental Back to school Feast

The other night, (the night before the 1st day of school) we had an oriental feast. It was soooo good! My mouth waters just thinking about it. We put one of our folding tables out on our floor and sat on pillows at our spots. I printed off Chinese Zodiac Calendars for each person (found here) and I also printed off each persons name in Chinese (found it here).  I thought I would share my recipes with you. 

I just bought the egg rolls in the freezer section at wal-mart. I bought veggie ones and chicken ones.
White sushi rice (For this I used my rice cooker, if you don't have a rice cooker, I would definitely recommend getting one if you make rice a lot. It comes out perfect every time.) In the rice cooker put 3 C. rice, 4 C. water,2 Tbsp. sugar, 1/2 tsp. salt, 2 Tbsp. coconut oil. (I originally made this rice for out dessert (coconut sticky rice), but it turned out great with dinner. I just used half for dinner and half for dessert! :) It was a happy mistake. 
Spinach Salad (I just got a bag of spinach mixed with other greens at Wal-mart in a bag, cut up strawberries and placed them on top, the sprinkled it with Balsamic Vinegar & Salt and Pepper. So easy, yet delicious!)
Firecracker Chicken (For this recipe, for the floured chicken part, I just put the cornstarch & egg in a Ziploc bag with the cut up chicken, zipped it and worked it with my hands, then just reached my hand in and grabbed each piece and put it in the hot oil from there. It's much easier then dipping each piece in the egg mixture.
Bulgogi-Korean Beef (I remember each time I have had this dish in my life, it is that good!) I searched the web for a great recipe and this was a great one. I just cooked mine under the broiler on tin foil on a cookie sheet, turning it with tongs when each side browned up. Be careful not to burn! Watch closely. Serve with white rice in a crispy lettuce leaf.
Fortune cookies (I just bought them in the oriental section at Wal-mart)
Asian inspired Rice Crackers, Thai Sweet Chili flavored (I also bought these at Wal-mart in the oriental section)

For out dessert we had this Amazing Peach, Coconut sticky rice



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